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Rental Terms and Conditions

Fee structure and payment policy. The initial payment covers months rental. After that, you may return the instrument or
continue renting. You may choose monthly plan or long-term rental plan. Discount or free rental may apply if you choose 3, 6,
or 12 month rental plan. Rental fee must be paid in advance. For example, if you choose a 6 month plan, you pay in advance
every 6 month, there will be no rental fee refund if you cancel the rental agreement early.

Renewals. The rental is renewable every 12 months from the rental signup date. Renewal notice will be sent to the address
or email address two weeks before rental expiration date. Rental fee is subject to change. You agree to let “Kelin Violin
Shop” renew your contact with us automatically when the old contract expires if we don’t hear from you within FIVE days of
rental expiration date.

Please note: Rental rates and/or contact terms are subject to change at the end of any rental period.

Billing and change of address. It is your responsibility to inform us in writing of any address change or email address
change (email to us: info@kelinviolins.com). It is also your responsibility to inform us in writing if you want to make any
change regarding your rental plan. You will receive e-billing statements from us (email) unless you choose the EZ PAY

Returns. Returns are to be made on or before the rental expiration date, late returns will be charged the highest monthly rate
plus a $10/month late fee.  Instruments returned one day after the expiration require an additional month fee.

Past due accounts. Rental payment is due first day of the month. There is a FIVE day grace period. A $10.00 late fee will be
charged after the grace period. Returned check fee: $30.00. Credit Card charge back fee: $35.00.

Default. If you fail to make a rental payment within 10 business days of the due date, or fail to observe any other term in this
Agreement, you are in default and this Agreement terminates. If you default and after we give you any notice required by law,
we are entitled to all legal remedies, including repossession and our damages after 30 days of default. If you default, you
must pay us for all of our reasonable costs of collection which may include some or all of the following: repossession fee,
25% third party debt collection fee, late invoice fees, and third party administrative collection fee plus other court costs and/or
legal fees, as permitted by law. These amounts are in addition to the underlying balance due. Upon default, any rental credit
earned (equity) will be void, and you are liable for amounts due us and immediate return of the instrument.

Early Purchase Option. At any time after the initial rental payment, you may exercise an early purchase option by paying the
Cash Price less the total (100%) of rental payments made (first 24 months rental applies), plus any applicable sales tax.

P.M.R.R. does not apply toward the early purchase option. Account must be current before the early purchase option applies.
However, when you exercise this early purchase option within 6 months of initial rental signup date, you may use P.M.R.R.
and Sales Tax you have earned toward your new purchase.

P.M.R.R. (Protection, Maintenance, Repair, Replacement). You can choose P.M.R.R. when this agreement is initiated. You
cannot add it later. If you choose to purchase this option, with current account, and are not in default of this agreement, you
will not be liable for some damages to the instrument.  P.M.R.R. will not cover heat damage, theft or damage exceeding
reasonable ability to repair.

There is no coverage for any professional use.

Damage covered by P.M.R.R. is defined as broken bridges, bow re-hairing, sound post fall-down, replacement of broken
strings with rental quality strings, scratches and cosmetic damages to the instruments and/or cases.

Damage NOT COVERED by P.M.R.R. consists of major damage to the instrument in excess of what can be repaired. (ie.
cracked or split bodies).  If the instrument is severely damaged you will be responsible for the full Cash Price of the
instrument, minus any equity accrued.

LOSS or THEFT is NOT COVERED by the P.M.R.R..  If the instrument is stolen or lost you will be responsible for the full
Cash Price of the instrument, minus any equity accrued.

Claims for damages covered by the P.M.R.R. will result in a charge of $15.00 per claim. P.M.R.R. expires when the rental
expires. P.M.R.R. is ALSO in effect during air or overseas travel.

We reserve the right to charge the cost of repair or replacement to any credit card or refundable security deposit if an
instrument not covered by P.M.R.R. is damaged. This cost of repair or replacement can be anywhere from a minimum of
$75.00 repair charge to a maximum charge equal to the cash price of the instrument. We must authorize all repairs. You will
lose equity accrued when your instruments are stolen or badly damaged. This charge is due for payment when damage or
loss is reported. Non-payment may result in your credit card being charged for the due amount.

Reinstatement. If you default on your payment, this Agreement expires. You may reinstate it without losing any rights
previously acquired by making all payments due within 10 business days of the default. If you return the instrument to us
within this time frame, you will have 30 days from the date of return to reinstate. If you reinstate, we will furnish you the same
instrument or an instrument of comparable quality and condition.

Credit report. You agree to allow us to obtain a personal credit report at any time during this Agreement.

Fractional size string policy. You can trade in any instrument for a larger size as your child grows. We apply 100% of your
rental payment (excluding taxes, additional fees, and P.M.R.R.) toward the larger instrument. (You agree that the terms of
this Agreement will apply to each instrument and exchange if you exchange instruments without signing a new Agreement.)

Exchange policy. You may exchange from one instrument type to another instrument type, of equal or greater value and of the
same inventory grade as the original rental, apply any rental payments made (excluding taxes, additional fees or P.M.R.R.),
and pay any additional rental charges which are due during this Agreement. This Policy is only available if your account
remains current throughout its term. Current rental rates apply to instruments being rented. If you are renting a new
instrument and wish to exchange for another rental instrument, we will exchange the instrument requested to an instrument
of comparable quality of our choice.

Security Deposit. If you pay a security deposit, we can use it on any outstanding balance under this Agreement at our
discretion. You are still required to make your regular payment. Upon satisfactory return of the instrument, we will refund the
security deposit to you within 4 weeks, less any amounts you owe us. Security deposits do not bear interest unless required
by state law.

Instrument title. We own the instrument until you make all rental and other payments required under this Agreement or
exercise your early purchase option. If you declare bankruptcy, we retain the title, and the instrument must be returned to us
immediately. You do not have the right to keep the instrument if you do not make all of the payments necessary for

Authorization of charge cards. You authorize us to bill against the credit card account listed if your rental account becomes
more than 10 days past due.

e-mail opt-in. By supplying us with your e-mail address, you have agreed to receive our occasional marketing materials and
sales promotions via e-mail. Your information is always kept confidential. We do not sell or share this information.